Finished Leather Supplier

STAN INDIA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality finished leather in India. Our expertise lies in end-to-end production from procurement of the rawhides to developing finished leather to designing, manufacturing, and exporting leather goods. Every year we are constantly developing new leathers and finishes. As a leather manufacturer and leather supplier, we seek to take our passion for the love of leather to new heights. Additionally, we want to ensure that our leather looks as natural as possible, and so we never over-finish the leather. As a result, our leather is tanned and produced in strict accordance with European standards.

Leather Hides

”  Choosing the Right Leather is Like Choosing the Right Word  “

Stan India procure Indian heritage raw hides to develop variety of leathers made from cow, buffalo, goat, and sheep hides. Finished leather further used to manufacture products by different industry segments like automobile, furniture, footwear, equestrian equipment, and leather accessories. As leather supplier, we are capable to fulfil client’s leather requirements due to our industry-recognized team of experts managing and producing each category of leather. Due to our reputation for excellence, many of the world’s most prominent brands have chosen to work with us. Furthermore, Stan India’s finished leather division is a global leader among Indian and global leather industries in terms of environmental and social compliance.

Types of Leather Quality

1. Full Grain Leather
2. Top Grain Leather
3. Corrected Grain Leather
4. Split Leather (Genuine Leather)
5. Bonded Leather

Leather Quality

In our leather collections, we have most exclusive and finest leather along with varieties of leather finishes and colours. We put all our knowledge and passion into manufacturing leather, which is our greatest asset in this competitive industry. Being a leather supplier, we provide our clients with an opportunity to get leather manufactured as per their requirements. As leather supplier we not only fulfil the existing needs of clients but also guide them to get manufactured their desired leather. We work as leather manufacturer so we must ensure the quality of finished leather for this we source the finest rawhides from India. Raw hides are processed with exclusively designed tanning processes in our tannery. 

Types of Leather Finish

Aniline Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Aniline Leather

Semi Aniline Leather-Manufacturer-Leather-Supplier

Semi Aniline Leather

Crazy Horse Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Crazy Horse Leather

Oil Pull Up Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Oil Pull Up Leather

Waxy Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Waxy Leather

Crunch Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Crunch Leather

Nubuck Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Nubuck Leather

Floater Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Floater Leather

Barton Split Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Barton Split Leather

Lining Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Lining Leather

Smooth Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Smooth Leather

Nappa Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Nappa Leather

Pigmented Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Pigmented Leather

NDM Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

NDM Leather

PDM Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

PDM Leather

Exotic Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Exotic Leather

Printed Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Printed Leather

Patent Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Patent Leather

Suede Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Suede Leather

Hair On Leather Manufacturer Leather Supplier

Hair On Leather

To Know More About Finished Leather Specifications, Get Best Price Quotation, and Develop Your Bespoke Finished Leather.

Finished Leather Quality Control

Stan India believes that quality is the key to long-term business relationships. Under the finished leather quality control, our teams of experts inspect every piece of skin on all levels from rawhide to the last finished leather. The priority is to provide quality finished leather to our customers and ensure complete satisfaction from the very beginning to the very end, starting from the initial inspection of each skin. As a result, we have undertaken a solemn commitment to always maintain high standards for quality and timely delivery.

Rawhide Selection

Rawhide Selection

Wet Blue Inspections

Wet Blue Selection

Crust Inspection

Crust Inspection

Finished Leather Inspection

Finished Leather Inspection

We are a leather supplier providing leather to some of the world’s most prominent footwear, apparel, handbag and accessory manufacturers. As a finished leather supplier, we have established a multi-stage quality control system. This begins at the stage of purchasing raw hides in order to manufacture quality finished leather. We are a leather manufacturer so go through several stages of sorting on the raw hides before being processed into wet blue. For the manufacturing of leather, modern technologies and chemical materials are used, which maximize the quality of the finished leather. This includes making the leather uniform in thickness, soft, and pleasantly smelling.

Leather Manufacturer and Finished Leather Supplier

As a leather manufacturer, our top priority is keeping ourselves up to date with the latest leather fashion trends. We follow a machine-driven tanning process and our tannery is based on state-of-the-art technology from Europe. We have the expertise of talented skilled tannery technicians and workforce to develop the latest leather finishes. Among the world’s leading leather companies, STAN India is a very well-respected name as quality leather supplier. Stan India is one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of finished leather and also finished leather supplier. In order to produce unique and exclusive finished leather, we offer bespoke leather development services to our customers.

Wet blue hide
Crust of Finished Leather

Awarded recognition by the Council of Leather Exports of India, Stan India delivers the best quality leather on time. As leather manufacturer, we are committed to excellence in pursuit of our objective of making quality leather. Our quality finished leather is manufactured using industry-standard processes and procedures. We achieve this with our skilled workforce who are supported by professional technical teams with core competence. From the wet blue stage onwards, we manufacture all types of leather, which receives due appreciation. Thanks to our customers and our dedicated team, we have achieved this due to their best and effective participation.

Leather Manufacturer
Finished Leather

Since we are leather supplier, we research the latest trends in the fashion industry and develop leather keeping in mind the needs of our clients. By maintaining consistent efforts, we are able to develop several leathers not just quarterly, but even monthly or weekly basis. As a leather supplier, we are able to assure our clients of exceptional service since our leather and design are exclusive. Our leather is so versatile, that its texture and quality allow it to be molded into any desired products quickly and easily. As a leather manufacturer we always work to meet today’s quality-conscious and socially-responsible consumer demands. We strictly apply the latest technologies and environmental management practices to all aspects of our leather manufacturing operations.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
Leather Supplier

We are a leather manufacturer that manufactures all leather in our leather tannery using an environmentally responsible manufacturing process. Being a leather supplier, Stan India offers an environmentally safe sourcing option to our clients, providing them with peace of mind. As one of the leading players in finished leather supplier from India, Stan India has been consistently working toward building a strong position across the entire leather industry. As India’s leading leather manufacturer, Stan India is expanding its comprehensive leather processing resources to manufacture both finished leather and consumer leather products.

Leather Supply