Leather Wallets Manufacturer & Purse Manufacturer

STAN INDIA is a leather wallets manufacturer that understands the importance of expressing one’s personality and style through carry-on accessories. Leather wallets are accessories that are always durable and stylish. We’re the best custom leather wallet manufacturer and leather wallet exporter in India. In our leather wallet factory, we manufacture both premium quality and affordable quality wallets. Leather wallet manufacturing is done as per the requirements of our clients and their business requirements. As a leather wallets manufacturer, we work with clients from all over the world. Stan India is a leather goods manufacturer so being a custom wallet maker, we manufacture unique designs wallets for our clients.

Different Styles of Leather Wallets & Leather Purses

Bifold Wallet

Trifold Wallet

Card Holder Wallet

Zipper Wallet


Coat Wallet

Passport Wallet

Checkbook Wallet

Long Purse

Zipper Purse

Kiss Lock Clutch

Envelope Clutch

To Explore More Leather Wallets Design, Get Best Price Quotation, and Customize Your Design with Private Labeling.

Benefits of choosing STAN INDIA as Leather Wallet Manufacturing Partner

Custom Design Leather Wallets Manufacturing Service

Private Label Leather Wallets Manufacturing Service

Quality Control during Leather Wallets Production

Export Packing and Shipping to Destination Country

STAN INDIA is Leading Leather Wallet Making Company

Stan India is a custom leather wallet manufacturer and also a private label leather wallets manufacturer hence we work as per the client’s requirements. Where our clients can customize the designs of leather wallets and we manufacture them in bulk with brand logo embossing. Stan India as a custom leather wallet manufacturer has experience and expertise in all types of leather wallet manufacturing. The wallets manufactured by Stan India are very trendy, stylish, and made of the finest quality leather. Stan India is a leather wallets manufacturer and leather wallet exporter with 100% export capability. We are a leading leather company for custom leather wallet making in India. In our leather wallet factory, our prior focus is to maintain quality control of leather and fine craftsmanship during production.

Leather Wallets Manufacturer
Leather Wallet Making

Stan India is a Custom Leather Wallet manufacturer, so we offer our customers the opportunity to go with the production side with custom designs. Furthermore, our clients can choose from our vast collection of designs and create their private labeling wallets by getting their brand embossed. Stan India is a leading leather wallet making company so we have a wide range of wallets collection. As a custom wallet maker, we manufacture all wallets designs from popular classic wallets to wallets with the latest trending designs. These wallets are very unique, affordable price and truly fantastic in terms of quality. Being a custom wallet maker, we have teams of experienced artisans for manufacturing the best quality leather wallet.

Custom Leather Wallet Manufacturer in India

We work as a custom wallet maker for all businesses from start-up brands to big brands. Since we are dealing with all types of businesses, our main focus is on building a long-term business relationships. This is due to our vertically integrated leather wallet manufacturing process which helps us in maintaining the best quality.  As a leather wallets manufacturer, where everything from wallet designing to leather wallet making is done in our leather wallet factory. Stan India is a custom wallet maker and aims to provide the highest level of craftsmanship to its customers’ brands. Our expertise as a custom leather wallet manufacturer, we do mass production with private labeling and work with global brands as leather wallet exporter.

Custom Leather Wallet Manufacturer
Custom Wallet Maker

We are a custom leather wallet making company and we work with our clients to come up with new designs that are the latest trends. At Stan India, we work with our clients from the early stages which range from wallet design concept to leather wallet making. With our excellent quality products, Stan India has established a good reputation as one of India’s leading leather wallet exporter. We aim to ensure that our clients do not miss anything in terms of excellence, which makes us the best custom leather wallet manufacturer in India. Stan India is also a leather corporate gifts manufacturer and custom leather wallets are highly demanded in corporate gifting.

STAN INDIA is Best Leather Purse Manufacturer in India

Stan India is one of the best leather purse manufacturer in India and also a leading exporter for the global market. Nowadays the demand for designer leather purses is increasing as women love to have beautiful leather purses for every occasion. We are a custom purse manufacturer and the purses manufactured by us are made from the best quality leather. Being a custom purse maker, we use leather from soft-touch feel to hard touch feel leather as per design. As a leather purse maker, we manufacture purses ranging from premium to affordable quality. This provides our clients with major benefits to choose from our vast purse collections. As a leather purse manufacturer, Stan India has 100% export capability for all the high-quality leather purses manufactured by us.

Leather Purse Manufacturer
Leather Purse Maker

Stan India is a custom purse manufacturer and also a private label leather purse manufacturer. We source quality finished leather from India’s best leather tannery to manufacture leather purses. Where we manufacture leather purses in bulk quantity as per our client’s design requirements with embossing the client’s brand logo. Being leather purse maker, our artisans have the expertise to manufacture the finest quality leather purse. The process of making a leather purse involves cutting patterns on leather, sewing the leather pieces, and adding metal trims to manufacture the perfect leather purse. Stan India is a custom purse manufacturer where we not only manufacture purses made of leather but we put our heart and soul towards making quality leather purses.

Custom Purse Manufacturer in India

Stan India is the best leather purse manufacturer in India and what sets us apart is our style of working. Whereas leather purse maker, we work as a manufacturing partner for both start-ups brands and established brands. We work with our clients as custom purse maker from the initial stage of design development to sample development and then move on to final production. As a custom purse manufacturer, the skill of artisans is very important who care about quality control during the manufacturing of leather purses. As a custom purse maker, we offer our clients purse design, leather selection, and material suggestions. This helps us to understand the proper needs and requirements of our client for leather purses as a leather purse manufacturer.

Custom Purse Manufacturer
Custom Purse Maker

We are a custom purse manufacturer so we work with all types of business and work as per their requirements. As per the client’s order requirements, being the best custom purse maker we manufacture for large as well as small order quantities. We manufacture leather purses that also cater to the end customer tastes and preferences of our clients. This is possible when leather purses are manufactured as per the expectations and requirements of our clients. As a leather purse maker, it helps us in offering a wide range of leather purse collections to our clients. All leather purses are best in quality as per the leather, design, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. As our quality assurance policy makes us the best leather purse manufacturer in India, we have gained an edge over other players in the leather industry.

STAN INDIA also Manufactures following Leather Goods Categories