Leather Belt Manufacturer and Exporter

STAN INDIA is one of the leading leather belt manufacturer, who is specialized in bulk quantity custom leather belt manufacturing along with private labeling. In our leather belt factory, we produce over 12 different types of leather belts in multiple styles, which are very popular with our overseas customers. Our leather belts are made to be timeless as per our client’s leather quality and design requirements. Being the best leather belt maker in Kanpur (India), we manufacture leather belts with the best quality leather which are sourced from the best leather tanneries in India. We at Stan India manufacture leather belts to the highest quality exceeding leather industry standards.

Different Styles of Leather Belts

Formal Belt

Stitched Belt

Reversible Belt

Double Prong Belt

Double Buckle Belt

Embossed Belt

Polo Belt

Braided Belt

Studded Belt

Wide Belt

Skinny Belt

Knot Belt

To Explore More Leather Belts Design, Get Best Price Quotation, and Customize Your Design with Private Labeling.

Benefits of choosing STAN INDIA as Leather Belt Manufacturing Partner

Custom Design Leather Belts Manufacturing Service

Private Label Leather Belts Manufacturing Service

Quality Control during Leather Belts Production

Export Packing and Shipping to Destination Country

An important fashion accessory that is worn by both women and men is leather belts. Stan India has expertise being a made-to-order leather belt maker and our belts are the best go-to-market for any brand as we offer private labeling service to our clients and they can confidently sell to their end-customer with their brand name. Our leather belts enhance the overall look worn with any outfit as these are made with high-quality leather. Furthermore, these leather belts provide a secure fit for your pants but also add an element of style to your personality. Custom Leather Belts manufactured by Stan India are also the best option as leather corporate gifts for corporate companies. As the best leather belt manufacturer in India, we work with overseas clients from all over the world and offer them custom leather belt manufacturing services along with private labeling. Our leather belt manufacturing service ranges from medium to high-end leather belts for men and women.

Custom Leather Belts Manufacturer
Custom Made Belt

Being a leather belt maker in Kanpur (India), we only use high-graded finished leather, and with a team of experienced craftsmen, we deliver only the best quality leather belt in bulk quantity to our overseas clients. Moreover, we perform all necessary quality checks in our leather belt factory before dispatching the final leather belt shipment to our clients. Belts manufactured by Stan India are known for their sturdiness, we manufacture leather belts in different sizes, colors, and patterns which makes our leather belts very comfortable when worn and look elegant.

Best Custom Private-Label Leather Belt Maker

Stan India is the best leather belt manufacturer and we are a 100% Export leather belt factory with superior quality and bulk leather belt production capacity. We offer custom leather belt manufacturing services for our clients so, before placing the bulk production order they can customize the designs. Also, we are a private-label leather belt manufacturer so we offer brand logo personalization on the belt during production. Due to the leather belt’s vibrant colors, good quality, and excellent design, we have a vast leather belt collection for both men and women in formal and casual looks. We also customize leather belt buckles with customers’ logos or company names.

Custom Leather Belts

We are the best leather belt manufacturing company so our leather belts meet all international norms and requirements of quality standards. As a leather belt maker, we follow all quality control parameters for the production of leather and manufacturing of leather belts. Producing and delivering high-quality leather belts on time has earned us a reputation as the best leather belt manufacturer in India. Being a leather belt factory, we manufacture both premium quality leather belts and cost-effective leather belts based on our overseas customer needs. Moreover, our sampling and manufacturing teams have the expertise to complete the orders from the sample development process to final production. In addition to providing high-quality custom private-label leather belts, we help our overseas clients to build a brand of leather belts based on their design specifications.

Leather Belt Manufacturer

Leading Leather Belt Factory in Kanpur (India)

The leather belt manufacturing process from start to finish is done in our leather belt factory in India. We offer full leather belt design customization services to our clients from leather selection to buckle customizations before we go ahead for bulk production. Custom leather belt maker, we ensure that your ordered leather belts will last for many years, no matter how you choose to make your belt. It’s a part of our leather belt manufacturing process, that we work closely with our clients at every stage, from the leather belt design to sample development to final leather belt production. We deliver the best final finished private-labeled leather belts to our clients that can be sold with confidence. It’s our pleasure to be the most preferred leather belt manufacturer in India for manufacturing and delivering leather belts in bulk quantity in an effective manner.

Custom Made Belt Manufacturer
Leather Belt Manufacturing

Stan India is a leather goods manufacturer that works with different overseas brands hence providing complete leather belt manufacturing and export services that delivers a high level of craftsmanship to our clients. Stan India provides a complete vertically integrated manufacturing process for a leather belt. This includes initial product design discussion to final production done by our skilled craftsmen, all under one roof. Our company has earned the trust of the best leather belt maker in India from many satisfied overseas clients. Stan India as a leather belt manufacturer has also received much praise and appreciation over the years from overseas clients. The extraordinary satisfaction we received from our clients helped us earn recognition among India’s highly esteemed leather belt factory.


Stan India is a reputed leather belt manufacturer in Kanpur (India) where leather belts are manufactured over different production stages. So, we manufacture beautiful and fashionable leather belts and also ensure that the belts are strong and reliable so that they can last for a long time. Being a leather belt maker, we manufacture a wide variety of leather belt designs and deliver them to domestic and international clients. Customers can easily place orders directly with us, and they can also customize the leather belts with private labeling at affordable price options in bulk quantity. Stan India is a manufacturer and exporter of the best quality leather belts that redefine the fashion trend. As the leading manufacturer of leather belts in India, we have gained recognition for our excellent craftsmanship and quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does STAN INDIA provide samples of leather belts for approval before moving forward with bulk orders?

Yes, Stan India provides pre-paid samples for approval before proceeding to bulk production orders. Once the client shares the design details and logo embossing details, we will quote for the sample development cost. This allows our clients to review the exact quality and design of the leather belt before placing a large quantity order.

Can STAN INDIA manufacture leather belts based on custom design tech packs for bulk production orders?

Yes, Stan India is a made-to-order OEM leather factory so we manufacture leather belts based on custom design tech packs for bulk production orders. This ensures that we meet our clients’ specific design requirements accurately, giving them the perfect leather belts as per their desire which they can sell with confidence to their end customers.

Is STAN INDIA a private-label manufacturer of leather belts for bulk production orders?

Yes, Stan India is a private label manufacturer for bulk production orders of leather belts. We understand the importance of branding for our clients, which is why we offer the option to customize belts not only with the client’s specific design and leather selection but also with their own logo or brand name. Our experienced team ensures that the branding is done with precision and attention to detail, enhancing the overall appeal of the leather belt. With our private labeling services, clients can confidently sell leather belts under their brand name, adding value to their products and building brand recognition among their customers.

Does STAN INDIA offer customization options for belt buckles?

Yes, Stan India works with renowned buckle factories in Taiwan and China to develop clients’ customized buckles to ensure high-quality finish. Our clients can provide their desired buckle design with their logo or initials. We offer full customization to manufacture the best quality leather belts.

What is the production Lead Time and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for manufacturing leather belts?

For manufacturing leather belts in bulk orders, production lead time at Stan India’s factory varies depending on factors such as order quantity, leather selection, and customization requirements. Generally, our lead time is from 15 to 45 days. As far as the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is concerned, it depends on the specific design and buckle customization options chosen by the client. Usually, our standard MOQ is 300 pieces per style.

How does STAN INDIA maintain quality control during the manufacturing of leather belts?

At Stan India factory, we prioritize rigorous quality control measures throughout the bulk production of leather belts. Our experienced craftsmen and quality assurance teams carry out meticulous quality checks at every stage, ensuring leather quality, craftsmanship, and adherence to design specs. By maintaining consistency and rigor in our quality control processes, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality leather belts to our valued clients.

Does STAN INDIA Export bulk orders shipments of leather belts to foreign countries?

Absolutely! Stan India is a 100% export-oriented leather belt factory with extensive experience in international shipping and logistics. We’re well-equipped to ship bulk orders overseas and ensure smooth delivery to our global clientele.

How to connect with STAN INDIA for manufacturing bulk orders of leather belts?

Collaborating with Stan India to place bulk orders for leather belts is a straightforward process! You can easily reach out to us through various channels such as our website’s Contact Us Form, Facebook Chat Button, WhatsApp, Phone, or Email. Once you get in touch with us, our dedicated team will promptly respond to your inquiries and initiate a personalized conversation with you. We’ll provide you with a competitive price quotation based on your specific leather belt requirements. Upon receiving approval of the quoted prices, we’ll proceed with developing the first pre-paid sample. After the sample is approved, we’ll move forward with the leather belts order bulk production. After production is completed, we’ll ensure that the shipment is packed according to overseas export standards and hand over all necessary export documentation to the freight forwarding logistic team to facilitate smooth delivery of the leather belt order shipment to your destination country.

Does STAN INDIA collaborate with Startup brands to help in manufacturing leather belts order?

Yes, Stan India collaborates with startup brands to assist them in manufacturing leather belt orders. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by startup brands and offer tailored solutions to help them bring their vision to life. Whether it’s providing guidance on leather selection, and design specifications, offering flexible order quantities and competitive pricing, or facilitating private labeling, we work closely with startup brands to ensure a seamless manufacturing process. Our goal is to support the growth and success of clients’ brands by delivering high-quality leather belts that meet their end customers’ needs.

Does STAN INDIA accept single-piece retail orders for leather belts?

No, Stan India primarily focuses on bulk production orders for leather belts and does not accept single-piece retail orders. We specialize in manufacturing leather belts in bulk quantities, customized as per our client’s specifications, and offer private labeling services. However, clients interested in starting a leather belt brand can place bulk orders for leather belts tailored to their design specifications and order quantity requirements are welcome to contact us. We also offer pre-paid samples for approval before proceeding to bulk production of leather belts. We are committed to providing personalized manufacturing service and ensuring the highest quality standards for our bulk production orders.