Leather Jackets Manufacturer & Garments Manufacturer

STAN INDIA is a renowned leather jackets manufacturer and leather garments manufacturer in India. We are also a leading exporter of premium quality leather jackets and leather garments. Our collection of leather jackets is one of the most creative designs in the market. As a leather jacket maker, we provide complete jacket manufacturing services for our clients where we offer custom leather jacket manufacturing services along with private labeling leather jacket manufacturing. We are leather jackets manufacturer so, we work as per the design requirements and specifications provided by our clients. Our leather jacket manufacturing team is expert in their work as they have worked with some of the world’s biggest and most popular designers and brands for over a decade.

Different Styles of Leather Jackets & Leather Garments

Bomber Jacket

Biker Jacket

Racer Jacket

Field Jacket

Trench Coat

Shearling Jacket

Puffer Jacket



Quilted Jacket

Hoodie Jacket

Peplum Jacket

Cropped Jacket

Collarless Jacket

Belted Jacket

Leather Pant

Leather Shirt

Leather Shorts

Leather Skirt

Leather Dress

To Explore More Leather Jackets Design, Get Best Price Quotation, and Customize Your Design with Private Labeling.

Benefits of choosing STAN INDIA as Leather Jackets Manufacturing Partner

Custom Design Leather Jackets Manufacturing Service

Private Label Leather Jackets Manufacturing Service

Quality Control during Leather Jackets Production

Export Packing and Shipping to Destination Country

Leather Jacket Supplier

Stan India is one of the best leather jackets manufacturer in India, so we ensure that our clients get high-quality leather jackets and that too at an affordable price. We’re a leather jacket manufacturing company where all types of leather jackets are manufactured including both premium and affordable range jackets. Jackets manufactured by Stan India are good quality and stylish jackets that are made as per the requirements and specifications of the clients. To grow as one of the leading leather jackets manufacturer, we employ the best hands and high-end machines to collaborate with global fashion brands.  This enhances the sampling and manufacturing process to help our clients to reach their business goals. As a leather jacket factory, we have stable long-term relationships with a leather tannery, metal accessories, and other material suppliers.

STAN INDIA is Leading Leather Jacket Supplier

Stan India is a leather jacket supplier that delivers only quality jackets to clients. Through our wide range of leather jacket designs collections, we have successfully pushed the conventional boundaries as a leather jackets manufacturer over the years. In our leather jacket factory, we convert clients’ jacket designs into genuine wearable jackets and this is caused by our professional workers. Pattern development, prototype creation, leather selection, hardware, and manufacturing are all good skills to manufacture quality leather jackets. Our leather jacket factory is equipped with various manual and automatic branded machinery, this improves our productivity, quality of leather jackets and significantly reduces delivery time.

Leather Jackets Manufacturer
Leather Jacket Manufacturer

Stan India carries out the projects from the jacket designing stage to final large-scale jacket production in a well-established leather jacket factory. We are one of the leading leather jacket maker so we follow a professional production process to better control quality, delivery, and production cost. This is because, during every jacket manufacturing order, we create a flow chart to assign work to our production team to ensure proper quality work is done at each stage. Being a leather jacket supplier, we work in a very professional manner, so our first step for a new jacket project is to create a leather jacket specification sheet. In this design specification sheet, we mention all the details and information to prepare the pattern of the jacket to develop the sample of the leather jacket first for the client’s approval.

Best Custom Leather Jacket Maker

Stan India is a leather jackets manufacturer so our team of experts gives their valuable suggestions during sampling and production. As a leather jacket factory, we offer professional suggestions on pattern making, design proportions, leather selection, and jacket making. By this, we help our clients to refine jackets designs and reduce the jacket manufacturing budget accordingly. In this way, Stan India has been able to simultaneously understand and satisfy the quality of leather, design, jacket manufacturing, delivery, and other needs of the clients. Our experienced leather jacket artisans share their traditional knowledge, work style, passion, and creativity with all members of the manufacturing team. For a leather jacket supplier, experience sharing training enhances the quality of our work and helps in fulfilling leather jacket production orders quickly and perfectly.

Leather Jacket Manufacturing
Leather Jacket Maker

Stan India always conducts quality checks on all leather jackets manufactured by us to ensure that they are of the highest quality. As a leather jacket maker, we ensure the quality of the leather jackets. We procure rawhide and finished leather from the most reputed tanneries which are the best in the business. We adhere to rigorous quality control management during leather jacket manufacturing which includes inspection of the leather, process of making the jacket, and inspection of the final finished jacket. Owing to our constant dedication towards quality, Stan India continues to be one of the top leather jackets manufacturer in India. As a leather jacket maker, we take great pride in providing excellent leather jacket manufacturing service to all of our clients.

STAN INDIA is Quality Leather Garments Manufacturer

Stan India is considered one of the best leather garments manufacturer in India because of our expertise and experience. We offer a wide variety of leather garment collections that are designed and manufactured in-house. We manufacture Leather Shirts, Leather Pants, Leather Leggings, Leather Shorts, Leather Skirts, and Leather Dresses. As a leather garments manufacturer, our leather factory is equipped with branded equipment and machinery that help us manufacture leather garments from scratch. Moreover, our artisans who have years of experience in the leather garments industry help us to maintain our name through exquisite craftsmanship. Our expertise allows our clients to get custom designs for leather garments manufactured as per their requirements.

Leather Garments Manufacturer
Leather Garment Manufacturer

Stan India is the best leather garments manufacturer, so we ensure that all our leather garments are thoroughly inspected. Rigorous quality checks are carried out on each leather garment, wherein we follow a series of tests to ensure the quality of the leather and the good stitching of the leather garments. Each leather garment is manufactured with a high selection of leather that is handpicked and each leather garment is handcrafted to provide maximum comfort when worn. As a leather garments manufacturer, our leather garments are manufactured to handle wear and tear throughout the year when worn in different climates and regions. For leather corporate gifting also, leather garments and leather jackets are preferred by many business owners.

Leather Jacket Factory
Leather Jackets Manufacturing

Being a leather jackets manufacturer and leather garments manufacturer, Stan India has been trusted and loved by many clients. We have earned this appreciation due to our superior ability to work as per the requirements of our clients. Where we procure high selection leather, develop good samples, mass production with zero complaints, and also provide proper logistics services.  As a leather goods manufacturer, whatever your business is, whether you are an importer, brand owner, wholesaler, or distributor, you will find the best quality leather jackets and leather garments at better prices in Stan India.

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