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STAN LEATHER – Crafting Leather with Excellence

We are introducing our exquisite leather brand, STAN LEATHER, a brand born out of passion from the legacy of Stan India, a renowned leather product manufacturer in India. Stan India has an impressive track record of exporting around 70% of its manufactured leather products to the international market, while also catering to the domestic market with high-quality leather products. Stan India’s experience in the global market has allowed us to enhance the quality and craftsmanship of our leather products. Recognizing the untapped potential of the domestic market, we established STAN LEATHER to expand into the domestic market by providing exciting business opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs through our franchise model.

We aim to create a strong and recognizable brand presence for STAN LEATHER by opening profitable franchise stores, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to start sustainable businesses in the leather industry. We understand that a thriving franchise network is built on strong relationships, comprehensive support, and shared success. We bring our profound knowledge of leather product manufacturing along with our extensive experience in franchising and marketing. This enables us to offer our franchisees extensive training, effective marketing strategies, and ongoing assistance to ensure their success in operating a STAN LEATHER franchise store.

By joining STAN LEATHER as a franchisee, entrepreneurs gain access to an established brand, high-quality leather products, comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a proven business model. Together, let us build a strong and self-sustained Indian leather brand that resonates with customers across the country.

STAN LEATHER is a premium leather brand in India that provides its customers with the luxury experience of carrying leather in a classic way.

Stan India (Franchisor) Ethics


Our mission is to offer aspiring entrepreneurs a great opportunity to operate profitable franchise stores. With our stable and proven franchise business model, we aim to ensure that our franchisees earn a 100% return on their investment within the payback period. By prioritizing the satisfaction and profitability of our franchisees, we are determined to establish STAN LEATHER as a leading leather brand in India. We provide ongoing training and support to help our franchisees thrive and succeed in their businesses. Our expertise in the industry and dedication to the success of our franchisees are key factors in achieving our mission.


We envisions positioning STAN LEATHER as a top Indian leather brand, highlighting the excellent craftsmanship of Indian leather artisans. We strongly believe that STAN LEATHER will be a source of national pride, representing the highest standards of Indian leatherwork. To make this vision a reality, we plan to open more than 100 franchise stores across India. This way, customers from every part of the country will have easy access to our high-quality leather products, proudly made in India, through our exclusive STAN LEATHER franchise stores.


Our franchise business is guided by the values that shape our operations. We believe in building a strong partnership with our franchisees based on trust and open communication. We provide comprehensive support including training and resources to help them succeed. Profitability is important to us, and we work towards creating a business model that ensures a good return on investment. Quality is a priority, and we maintain high standards to satisfy customers and enhance the reputation of our brand STAN LEATHER. Innovation is encouraged to stay competitive and meet changing customer needs. Honesty and ethical practices are expected from our franchisees, and continuous improvement is encouraged for growth and excellence. These values form the foundation of our franchise business, which enables us to build a supporting network of successful stores that deliver value to customers and drive franchisee growth.

Why Choose STAN LEATHER Franchise?





STAN LEATHER is one of the few retail brands of leather goods and accessories, which offers a very attractive, stable, and viable business model to its franchisee business partners with comparatively low investment as compared to other brands in the industry. Our franchise partners can benefit from our established brand reputation, extensive industry experience, and proven business model that ensures stability and profitability. By joining the STAN LEATHER franchise family, entrepreneurs can tap into a thriving industry backed by a trusted brand, and begin a rewarding journey towards success.

STAN LEATHER product range is more focused on the youth who are fashion savvy and are always on the lookout for new branded designs. With this philosophy, we created our extensive product range with a commitment to offering the latest, trendiest, and most stylish leather products in the market. STAN LEATHER believes that leather is not just a material but a form of self-expression, and our products empower the youth to make a statement with their style.

In order to provide leather products of high quality and at reasonable prices, we have an in-house manufacturing unit where all leather products range of our brand STAN LEATHER is manufactured. This End to End process (Raw to Final Goods) reduces unnecessary costs resulting in cost savings that are directly passed on to our franchise and its consumers.

Advantages of STAN LEATHER Franchise

STAN LEATHER Franchise Footprints

Join our franchise partnership and unlock the doors to a successful and profitable business venture with Stan India. Experience the thrill of being part of a trusted brand that is revolutionizing the leather products retail industry. Take the leap towards financial independence and entrepreneurial success as your own BOSS, with the support and guidance of our experienced team. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join our thriving business family and be a part of a successful and established brand STAN LEATHER.

Join us today and let’s write the next chapter of success together!